Best Underwater Photographer in Chennai and Coimbatore

There is no doubt that underwater maternity sessions are one of the most unique and creative ways to document your pregnancy experience. Your body, hair and gown move together to create an ethereal, beautiful scene that will be remembered forever. There is something different about each session and each image that is captured.

As part of our underwater maternity services, we invite all of our clients to meet with me prior to their underwater maternity session for a design consultation. Our team will be able to provide you with recommendations on what gowns are best to use for underwater maternity sessions. During our meeting, we will also discuss the types of photographs I will be able to create for you. We will also discuss everything you need to know about your session so that you are well prepared for it.

In an underwater maternity session, the depth of the water in a pool is kept at a maximum of five feet, so you will never be in water that is too deep. Client safety is our top priority. I always make sure that my assistant is present when I photograph my clients. The number one job that my assistant has during the underwater maternity session is to keep a close eye on my clients and ensure that they are comfortable and safe during the whole process.