Baby shower Event Package details

Hi please find below the tariff details for your birthday event. We are committed for international quality of professional photography and video and assure the best of our services. Your cooperation for professional freedom and creativity is solicited.

A portrait session for about 3hrs will be included in the below packages, which can be planned a day before or after the event

Basic Packages: Ideal for small gatherings.

Package 1: Traditional and candid photography

Assignment charges: Rs.50,000

2 photographers – Candid and Traditional will be working for event. Deliverables:
  • All images taken at the sessions in SOFT COPY with basic ready to print corrections.
  • A complimentary photo book containing 150 images.

Package 2: Traditional and candid photography & full-length Video + Candid short film

Assignment charges: Rs.75,000

2 photographers (Candid + Traditional) & 1 videographer & 1 cinematographer will be working for the event.

  • All images taken at the session in softcopy with basic ready to print corrections.
  • A complimentary photo book containing 200 images.
  • Baby shower film and full length video in pen drive.


  • Our style is a fusion of photo journalistic, candid, creative ,fine art and documentary styles of photography. Our photo books also will be like wise.
  • Images will be given within 5 working days of the events.
  • Proofs of Photo books(if photo books are needed) needed will be mailed within 25 days of receiving the selected images list. After getting approval of the proofs, photo books will be delivered within 4 working days. Any additional images to be added after the abovementioned images will cost Rs.5000/50 images.
  • Additional copy of photo book will cost Rs.10,000/book.
  • Apart from the event images, we can add edited images from the portrait session also to the album
  • The above mentioned charges are inclusive of external lighting, equipment, assistants, and other miscellaneous charges. There are no other hidden charges.
  • We will using few images for self- promotional, non-commercial purposes. Any privacy concerns to be informed during the time of booking
  • We require 30 % of the packages amount in advance as retainer and the remaining 70% on the day of the event. We operate on first come first served basis.
  • This package is valid for a month from now.