We are a team of photographers headed by Hari Narayanan in advertising and commercial photography. We have always been fascinated by the world of kids , the innocence, the mischief,the playfulness.

We consider kids photography as works of art. It should be so breathtaking and so exquisite that it should blow over the viewer. These photographs are not just for you, the parents , it is a memento by you for the kids as well ,which they cherish after they are all grown up. As is evident from our photographs,we love to work with both well controlled lighting in studio and natural ,available light in locations.


We will meet and decide on the costumes, locations and ideas for your kids portrait shoot. (We take pre- production for the shoot very seriously). Once we have decided on these things, we can go for the shoot, either in our comfortable studio or location. We consider the shoot as the fun part as we endeavour to capture them at their most expressive, mischievous and candid moments.

After the shoot , we will display the images for you to select the best portraits from the collection. The selected images will be carefully retouched and enhanced by our post production team so that the kids will look at their absolute best. Once the images are ready, you will have to decide how you would like them presented. We have a variety of frames, canvases, wrap arounds ,photo books for you to choose from.

At no point of time during the entire process from initial discussion to final delivery of images and products, we will be hurrying you up .Patience is a must for kids photography and we respect that. we will be explaining about the various aspects of shoot and will be assisting you in deciding which is best for you.

kids grow up fast – time flies ,but with finely crafted portraits,its reflection remains,reminding us of the innocence,exuberance of childhood.our goal is to capture those special moments for you to treasure forever.


  • We have a sprawling 3000 sq ft studio in Adyar, where we have different sets for newborn, infants and kids photography.
  • We have some amazing facilities to keep your baby entertained and comfortable during the shoot.
  • We also have a cozy private room, especially for clients and their accompanied guests. We strive to ensure all of your requests and requirements are taken care of and you being comfortable throughout the session.